Reasons for Choosing What Clothing to Wear

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Reasons for Choosing What Clothing to Wear

You might not realize it, but the clothing you choose meets certain basic needs that all people share. Clothing meets many needs. Some are physical—for comfort, protection, and safety. Clothing covers the body and protects it from the weather, harm, and injury. Other needs are intellectual, emotional, and social. Clothes can communicate lots of information about people and their lives. Clothes can make you feel attractive and self-confident. Clothes can also help you identify with other people and feel like part of a group.

Clothing choices are linked to how and where you spend your time. A hiker or shopper chooses comfortable shoes for walking. Many sports enthusiasts need protective gear. Bike riders, skateboarders, and football and hockey players wear helmets. Soccer players wear shin guards. Even the people you’ll be with influence what you wear. Weekend activities with family and friends may call for either casual or dress-up outfits. Wearing something similar to your friends can make you feel more comfortable.

A check of the weather guides many clothing choices. The right garments can insulate your body against extremely hot or cold temperatures. Many warm-weather clothes feature light colors that reflect sunlight and loose styles that allow warm air from the body to escape. Cold-weather clothing has multiple layers and heavy or bulky fabrics that trap warm air from the body, creating an insulating layer of warmth for outdoor activities. Your activities often allow you to make choices about what to wear, but sometimes the decision isn’t up to you. A school, for example, may set up rules about what can be worn. On a part-time job you might have to wear a uniform or clothes of a certain style and color. Fast-food workers must wear hats or hairnets to prevent hair from falling into the food they prepare or serve. Activities are as varied as people. What activities influence the clothing choices that you make each day?

Everyone has likes and dislikes. That’s why clothes come in many colors, fabrics, and styles. Clothing likes and dislikes are determined by your values, beliefs about what’s important, desirable, or worthwhile. By examining your values, you can discover your overall attitude toward clothing. This is your clothing philosophy, and it affects what you decide to wear. What do you look for in clothes: comfort, durability, low cost, easy care, status, the latest style? As you answer, your values about clothes become clearer. People who want comfort choose clothes that feel good. For durability, they want clothing that wears well over a long period of time. Those who value low cost look for special sales and bargains. To preserve their free time, some people want clothing that takes little care. Individuals who value status select clothes and accessories that look, or are, expensive or have the name of a designer or celebrity. If having the latest styles, colors, and accessories is important, a person might sacrifice comfort and practicality in order to wear up-to-date fashions.

Your likes and dislikes also include how you feel about your appearance. Do you like to stand out in a group or blend in? Do you like to be a trendsetter? Perhaps you prefer a middle-of-theroad approach. Some people dress in a certain way so others will notice them. Other people use their clothing choices as a way to blend in with the crowd. The more you understand your personal preferences, the easier it is to make the best clothing choices for every occasion.