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The human body in proportion

Human body

The human body in proportion As a fashion designer, you should always remember that clothes are made to be worn by real people. It is important, therefore, to gain some understanding of the structure and proportions of the human body. There are obvious differences in the male and female forms, such as narrower waists and wider hips for females and squarer chests...
The Fashion Figure - Croquis

The Fashion Figure – Croquis

Fashion drawings are frequently characterised by gesture and movement, both of which are ideally suited to exploration through drawing the fashion figure from life. Part of a fashion drawing’s allure is its seemingly effortless style, which is sometimes the result of a careful selection of lines and what is left to the imagination of the viewer. In this regard it...
Reasons for Choosing What Clothing to Wear

Reasons for Choosing What Clothing to Wear

You might not realize it, but the clothing you choose meets certain basic needs that all people share. Clothing meets many needs. Some are physical—for comfort, protection, and safety. Clothing covers the body and protects it from the weather, harm, and injury. Other needs are intellectual, emotional, and social. Clothes can communicate lots of information about people and their lives....